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Trust or Not to Trust

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to our own understanding. God's thoughts are not our thoughts neither His ways are our ways. So even if we don't understand something just do it because in Habakkuk 2:2 it says to write the vision and make it plain. Verse 3 says for the vision is yet for an appointed time.


At the time I couldn't see why I needed the AA batteries but if I just trusted God and got them verse 3 of Habakkuk concludes though it tarries wait for it because it will surely come. Also as my grandma says, "It is better to have it and don't need it then to need it and don't have it."

So how do you get to the point of trusting God and not questioning Him. Based on Week 6 of the Freedom Curriculum, you have to have a relationship with God. Just like a friend you have to get to know God by spending time with Him. So how do you spend time with God. You do the following:

  1. Studying the Word of God

  2. Seek God in prayer

  3. Build relationships with like minded friends

Sometimes God's way of doing things doesn't make sense to us. His way of thinking is much different and greater than ours. Though we don't always understand we must make the choice to trust and obey Him to set ourselves up for success.

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