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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Self care is very important to experiencing healing and wholeness. It is encouraged to set up a daily routine to help create positive energy and set your atmosphere for the day. Some routines include:

  • Waking up Early for Prayer, Worship and Bible Reading

  • Exercise

  • Eat a Balanced Breakfast

  • Affirmations

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By establishing a daily routine that aligns with your spirit, soul, and body you are able to better function and overcome the challenges of life through proper selfcare and alignment. So what is proper alignment? We are spiritual beings first that live in a body and have a soul. The spirit man should lead first followed by the body and soul. So try starting your day off with prayer, worship, and bible reading followed by light exercise and a balanced breakfast. Comment and share your experience with us by letting us know if you see a change in your energy and mood when you have a routine that starts with your spirit leading first.

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